Hotel investments: Italy has the most important assets

November 11th, 2022

Among hotel investments, the most interesting are in Italy.

In the post-pandemic period there has been, and continues to be, demand in our territory. Consumers are not giving up their vacations, and that is a fact.

Hotel investments offer excellent earning potential.

If previously investors in hôtellerie were more interested in business hotels the trend is now toward resorts.

Toward facilities that offer high-end hospitality and wellness for dream vacations. Both summer and winter.

In Italy there are important opportunities for investors.

Our country offers prestigious locations, both in terms of landscape layout and in terms of available properties.

There are important solutions that lend themselves to hotel investments, resorts, amusement parks, etc.

Another sector observed by international investors is retail. Again, the well-being of the customer, the high-end consumer, is the focus of investors.
Customer experience satisfaction becomes central. Customer contact is the added value.

This is also in antithesis, to the online experience. We have touched on the importance and effectiveness of online shopping, during the pandemic.
However, it is a mode of buying/selling that creates a disconnect.

It creates that “remotely” that has no appeal to the consumer who wants to experience instead: wants to touch.

Tourism, as well as food and retail, and the hotel investment market are always dynamic and varied sectors.

They are among the most profitable. With a continuous influx of new customers.

From B&B to resort, demand for hotel investment properties is high

Not only insurance and pension funds, betting on hotel investments, there is also the private investor.

After the U.S., France and Spain, it is Italy that is the fourth coveted tourist destination.
Not only Venice, Florence, Rome and Milan, but that the Northern Lakes are among the coveted destinations for tourists.

Italy for the foreigner is: culture and landscape. Food and wellness. Entertainment and Sports.
Experience is the indicator that makes the difference.

In Verbania, for example, the Ex Colonia Ettore Motta can be converted into a tourist village.

The very elegant property in Dongo, pied dans l’eau, 1,600 square meters, on the northwest coast of Lake Como, convertible into a boutique hotel.

Our area is very attractive to investors: both those already present, consolidating real estate assets, and new ones.

We at BARNES Como offer a real estate portfolio with interesting solutions, including exclusive, off market, and strictly confidential.