Campione d'Italia on Lugano Lake

Campione d'Italia on Lugano Lake

Italian flavor in conservative Switzerland

Campione d’Italia – an Italian enclave in Switzerland – is located in the canton of Ticino, on the shores of Lake Lugano, just on the opposite side of the city of Lugano.

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Campione d’Italia is a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Lugano with an area of 1.7 square kilometers, at an altitude of 280 meters above sea level. The climate is mild, there is plenty of sunshine despite the proximity to the mountains. The Alps protect from the north wind, so the vegetation is subtropical.

Air temperature: +25 ° C in summer and not lower than 0 ° C in winter. If you dream of living between palm trees and glaciers, alpine meadows and mountain peaks, where the sun shines all year round, then a house on Lake Lugano is right for you.

Campione d’Italia is located in the center of Europe and enjoys an excellent location in relation to airports and major cities. Milan is 40 minutes away by car, and in 2 hours you can reach the Italian Riviera. Zurich can be reached in 30 minutes by train or 1 hour by car. It takes 40 minutes to get to Lugano International Airport. Just 30 minutes – to the thermal springs, which will allow you to visit them even every weekend.

investment, and that is why it is the choice of permanent residence for the international elite. New residents are welcome and obtaining a residence permit is quick and easy.

Campione d’Italia is good for you if:

You want to move freely in all European countries (Schengen), Switzerland and Liechtenstein
High quality of life, where your children can grow up in calm and protected conditions is important to you.
You like to relax with your family and want where you live, you could relax on the islands, in the mountains or on the lake.
You are a lover of aesthetics, peace and quiet. You prefer to contemplate the beauty of nature, hiding from the bustle of megacities.

Real Estate
Apartments in central areas generate high rental yields. For 650 francs, you can rent a studio of 30 square meters for long-term rent to the working population.
Such real estate costs from 150,000 francs.

Apartments from 140 sq.m with 3 bedrooms can bring you 3500 francs per month.
Such real estate costs from 1.5 million francs.

Such objects are leased to foreigners and local entrepreneurs working in Switzerland.
The income from such real estate is 4-5% per annum.

Detached houses and villas for living all year round in elite residential areas from 250 square meters with 3-4 bedrooms can bring 4000-8000 francs per month. Such real estate costs from 3 million francs and brings income of 4-5%.