Como Lake

Como Lake

An ideal place for permanent residence, children’s education, and elite vacation.

Lake Como is not just a world-famous luxury resort, it is a fantastic place where everybody will get unforgettable emotions and unique experience.

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The deepest lake in Italy (depth 410 m, length 47 km). Mediterranean climate, air temperature: +25° C in summer, not lower than 0° C in winter. The water temperature in summer is + 25° C. Subtropical vegetation, forests, and mountains.

Each property is unique here. Due to mountainous terrain, there is no mass construction in Como. Among the owners of real estate on Lake Como there are a lot of celebrities from Hollywood stars such as George Clooney, businessmen Richard Branson to Russian oligarchs and athletes such as Arkady Novikov and athletes like Andrei Shevchenko.

Investing in real estate on Lake Como you preserve your capital and provide a happy future for you and your family.



You will never get bored on Lake Como. Despite the fact that Como is not such a big city like Rome or Milan, a lot of festivals, concerts, exhibitions and balls are often held here.

Como hosts an annual competition for the elegance of historic cars that attracts guests from all over the world. Cathedrals, temples, castles, historic villas of the 18th century are amazing.

Via Vittorio Emanuele II street is the heart of shopping, where you will find everything from shoes to sunglasses. Como has outlet and mono-brand stores Armani, Missoni, Gucci, Balman, Lanvin, Stella McСartney, Fendi, Faith Conncexion, Comme des Garsons, Calvin Klein, Saint Laurent, Dolce & Gabbana.

More than 30 fitness clubs, more than 100 beauty salons and SPA.

The natural thermal springs Salsomaggiore Terme and Bormio are a 2-hour drive from Como.

Your children will always find something to do in Como: many sports, children’s entertainment and a large water park in just 17 minutes by car.

Como is a place where you can live all year round because more than 200 restaurants and bars stay open throughout the year. Life is in full swing here even in autumn and winter.

Restaurants with Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, Catalan and Lebanese, German and Swiss. Many restaurants offer signature dishes and gourmet delicacies.


The lake is located strategically between the 2 economic centres of Milan and Lugano, on the border with Switzerland.

40 minutes’ drive to Milan Malpensa International Airport, which is convenient if you fly frequently on business trips or for travel.

From Como, you can drive to 5 European countries that surround Italy in just 2 hours.

  • 2 hours drive to the Mediterranean Sea (Genoa, Savona).
  • 1 hour to the ski resorts in the Alps.
  • 2-3 hours to Zurich, Geneva and Lausanne (Switzerland).
  • 3 hours to the French Riviera (Nice, Antibes, Cannes).
  • 4 hours to Munich (Germany).


Lake Como is good for you if :

  • You are a lover of aesthetics, peace and quiet. You prefer to contemplate the beauty of nature, hiding from the bustle of megacities.
  • You like to relax with your family and have a possibility to go on islands or in the mountains.
  • You are looking for a quiet haven where the whole family will gather at a large table.
  • You want to live surrounded by nature, to feel the unity with it every day.

Real Estate Market

A lot of apartments, houses and villas with beautiful views. The city has long been built up, so you will not find houses with a view of the construction site here.

The Italian real estate market is stable, crises do not affect prices.

A small studio of 30 sq.m. can be rented out for 600 euros per month.
This property costs from 100,000 euros.

Apartments with 2 bedrooms from 75 sq.m are very good seasonal rental – for 800-1200 euros per week. Average occupancy is 20 weeks per year. Such properties yield 6% per annum, which is very good for European real estate. This property costs from 300,000 euros.

Residential Elite Real Estate

Apartments from 140 sq.m with 3 bedrooms can bring about 3,500-5,500 euros per month. Such objects give a yield of 4-6.5% per annum. Such real estate costs from 1 million euros.

Villas from 250 sq.m with 3-4 bedrooms for living all year round in elite residential areas bring 6,000-10,000 euros per month. The yield is 4-6.5% per annum. These villas cost from 1.5 million euros.

Historical villas and mansions with a park on the first line are rented for summer and all-season for events: weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries.

The rental price for an event for 40-60 people will be about 60,000 euros for 3-7 days. 20-30 events can be held per year. Some villas are rented for 130,000 euros per week. Such real estate costs from 3 million euros.