The Larian Triangle of Como Lake

The Larian Triangle of Como Lake

It extends like a peninsula wedged between the two branches of the Lake and has an admirable variety of landscapes


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The Larian Triangle is the area enclosed between Como, Lecco and Bellagio, stretches out in front of the noble branch of the lake. The characteristics, however, are totally opposite: here you can find hamlets halfway up the coast with rustic charm like Molina and Palanzo where you can walk looking like an alien, a town stretched out for kilometers like Lezzeno that mixes the kindness of the lake with the roughness of the mountains, some hidden gems like Careno and Nesso, with the bridge of the Orrido di Nesso which offers unforgettable shots; in the summer, motorboats bring tourists and life to its shores, while for the rest of the year it is the kingdom of peace and beauty.

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