Lombardy Coast of Maggiore Lake

Lombardy Coast of Maggiore Lake

Breathtaking views, unforgettable sunsets, unique colors: the Lombard coast of Lake Maggiore is an unmissable wonder

Lake Maggiore with its shores full of greenery and dotted with precious monuments and places of historical and artistic interest, has always been one of the main tourist destinations in northern Italy.

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The Lombardy coast has historically been defined as the “lean shore” to contrast it, somewhat derogatively, with the Piedmont “fat shore” with reference to its tourist value. If objectively the most famous and popular places, known all over the world, are located for the most part on the west coast of Verbano, it is equally true that the east coast and the Lombardy villages offer an enviable tranquility as well as several “pearls” of great charm and tourist importance. There are well-known and lesser-known places, quite long routes for those who love walking and points of interest for those who travel by car or motorbike as well as by bicycle.

The Lombardy municipalities that overlook Lake Maggiore are Tronzano Lago Maggiore, Maccagno with Pino and Veddasca, Luino, Germignaga, Brezzo di Bedero, Porto Valtravaglia, Castelveccana, Laveno Mombello, Leggiuno, Monvalle, Brebbia, Ispra, Ranco, Angera, Sesto Calende.

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