Maggiore Lake

Maggiore Lake

Balance of nature, history and art.

Lake Maggiore is an ideal place for permanent residence if you want to escape from urban bustle, stress and worries.

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The largest lake and pearl of Northern Italy. Length 66 km, width 10 km, depth 372 m. 193 meters above sea level. The lake lies in the Alpine Alps, has a glacial origin and washes the regions Lombardy, Piedmont and the lands of Switzerland. The lake is surrounded by mountains and hills that protect it from the cold northerly winds. Air temperature: +25 ° C in summer, not lower than 0 ° C in winter.

Lake Maggiore is the Leader among Italian lakes in terms of the number of beaches with a blue flag. The blue flag in Italy symbolizes the purity of the waters in the seas and lakes, the purity of the beaches and the high level of service.

There are 11 beautiful islands, famous for their historic villas and nature reserves. The lake gives its residents peace and the opportunity to enjoy nature every day. Such celebrities as Veronica Lario (ex-wife of Silvio Berlusconi), Donatella Versace, have bought real estate here. Beyond natural beauty, the lake offers a wide variety of cultural events – an annual film festival, jazz and classical music weeks, fashion shows and various bohemian events.


  • 1h from Milan Malpensa Airport.
  • Direct rail links to Milan.
  • Sea transport is also developed. On the boat you can travel from one resort town to another: Pallanza, Intra, Stresa, Baveno, Cannobio, Cannero, Borromean Islands and even sail to Switzerland to the islands: Brissago, Ascona, Locarno.⠀⠀


  • Cuisine: Mediterranean, Swiss, Italian.
  • On the lake – more than 300 restaurants and bars.
  • Golf courses and tennis courts.
  • More than 300 beauty boutiques and SPA.
  • Stores of famous brands and outlets.

Both water sports and hiking, golf, tennis are popular among lake residents and tourists. Castles, islands, parks, botanical gardens and nature reserves. Lake Maggiore hosts international exhibitions, concerts, music festivals.

Real Estate Market

Here on the lake, you can find apartments, houses and villas with beautiful views. The cities have been built up for a long time, so you will not find properties with a view of the construction site here.

Only reconstructions are possible. The Italian real estate market is stable, crises do not affect prices.

Well let in seasonal rent apartments with 2 bedrooms from 75 sq.m for 800-1000 euros per week. Occupancy is 20 weeks per year. The profitability of such objects is 5% per annum.
This property costs from 300,000 euros

Detached houses and villas for living all year round in elite areas with 3-4 bedrooms from 250 sq.m. bring from 5000 euros per month. These are the favourite places of politicians and entrepreneurs. The yield is 4-6% per annum.
Such real estate costs from 1.5 million euros

Historical villas and mansions with a park on the first line are rented for summer and all-season for events: weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries.

The rental price for an event for 40-60 persons will be about 50,000 euros for 3-7 days. 20-30 events can be held per year. Some villas are rented for 100,000 euros per week.
Such real estate costs from 2.5 million euros.