Piedmont Coast of Maggiore Lake

Piedmont Coast of Maggiore Lake

A fascinating territory between Italy and Switzerland

Alpine and pre-Alpine valleys, known and lesser known places, towns and cities, fascinating nature and the wonders of Verbano

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If we talk about Lake Maggiore, the mind immediately flies to the islands and the Borromean Gulf, to the historic hotels of Stresa, to the gardens of Villa Taranto or to the castles of Cannero. The pearls of the Piedmontese coast, known all over the world, have given and continue to give prestige and notoriety to Verbano, attracting thousands and thousands of visitors every year.

Lake Maggiore has always been a place of research for those who love to live in elegant locations with a real estate heritage of period villas on the Piedmontese coast. The villas of Lake Maggiore are among the most elegant, since they were built between the mid-19th century and the early 1900s, in the midst of the Liberty period.

The Piedmontese municipalities that overlook Lake Maggiore are Cannobio, Cannero, Oggebbio, Ghiffa, Verbania, Baveno, Stresa (which are part of the province of Verbano Cusio Ossola), Belgirate, Lesa, Meina and Arona (which are part of the province of Novara ).

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