The Noble Branch of Como Lake

The Noble Branch of Como Lake

The beauties of the landscape that marry with the wonders created by man


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The noble branch of Lake Como is the most beautiful part of Lake Como which stretches along the Como shore towards Switzerland and goes from Argegno to Tremezzo. If Argegno is a proud and elitist town that has one eye turned towards the Intelvi Valley behind it, the others are one behind the other and can be visited with the Greenway of Lake Como, a 10 km walk which is the best way to enjoy them.

From Colonno onwards you will have magnificent views, Romanesque churches and splendid lakeside promenades, simple beauty combined with marvelous villas (such as Villa Carlotta, Villa Balbiano and Villa del Balbianello, the most beautiful on Lake Como).

Comacina Island deserves a separate mention – the only island on the lake – which has archaeological remains of a glorious past and a small church on top; here the fires of San Giovanni take place, the most important festival on the lake!