Varese City and Surroundings

Varese City and Surroundings

The land of magnificent green valleys, where luxurious palaces and ancient villas are hidden between.

A lively, dynamic, economically prosperous city, famous for its holy places and wonderful villas, which are many in its vicinity.

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The provincial capital of Varese is located in the northwestern part of Lombardy, on the border with Switzerland.

Varese is built on seven hills, and there are also seven lakes around the city – both large (Maggiore Lake, Varese Lake) and very small (Ganna Lake).

Varese is known as a “garden city”: the area under the jurisdiction of the local municipality contains many parks and gardens, most of which were once part of estates built between the 18th and early 20th centuries. They were built first by aristocrats, and then by big businessmen and representatives of the upper bourgeoisie, mainly of Milanese origin.

The city is located at a strategic point of exchange between Northern Europe and the Po Valley; trade contributed to its development. There are large industrial companies like Bticino, Agusta Elicotteri, etc.

From urbanistic point of view, the city of Varese has one peculiarity: the old town here remained an independent element, separated from the suburbs (here they are called “castellanse”). Extensive countryside plots have occupied, since the 18th century, wonderful villas surrounded by green gardens.

The city is convenient for everyday life and for education of children. Here there is one of 14 and the only European school in Italy, a university with medical and legal faculties.

The city has a very advantageous geographical position – Milan Malpensa International Airport is located closest to Varese: it takes only 20 minutes to get to the city center from here by car. It is also convenient to get to neighboring Switzerland, which is only a few kilometers away. Direct rail links to Milan.

Real estate market

Apartments, houses, and villas with beautiful views are for sale in Varese. The city has long been built up, so you will not find houses with a view of the construction site here.

The Italian real estate market is stable, crises do not affect prices.

2 bedroom apartment of about 80 sq.m. are well-rented for 1200 euros per month. The profitability of such objects is 4–5% per annum.

This property costs from 300,000 euros.

Detached houses and villas in elite areas with 3-4 bedrooms from 250 sq.m. bring from 3000 euros per month. These are the favourite places of politicians and entrepreneurs. The yield is 4-5% per annum.
Such real estate costs from 1 million euros.

Historical villas and mansions with a park are rented for events: weddings, corporate parties, anniversaries.
The rental price for an event for 40-60 people will be about 50,000 euros for 3-7 days. 20-30 events can be held per year.
Such real estate costs from 2 million euros.