Investment Realty

Investment Realty

Our expertise in commercial and residential building transactions

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Because commercializing assets requires a highly specialized level of expertise and careful and detailed monitoring, BARNES Investment realty is on hand to assist you throughout the sale process by offering personalized consultancy, surveying and valuation services.

The ingenious combination of the BARNES global network and the Survey and Valuation department, with tools tailored to the needs of corporate and private property owners, is what lies behind the BARNES Investment realty department. Whether in units or on a lot by lot basis, we put an exact value on your building and assist you in all the commercial and legal processes involved in your sale.

We provide solutions to communicate on a confidential basis while ensuring targeted disseminating of information on the sale of your properties: a single portfolio of wealthy investors, Web media, editorial and advertising media in the Italian and international written press.

The members of the BARNES Investment Realty team guarantee you specific expertise and tailored oversight, and provide analyses and solutions to fit all your projects.

Our Services

  • Assessment
  • In-depth market research
  • Acquisition
  • Sale of buildings on a lot by lot basis