Nino’s Crotto and lacustrine dualism.

Crotto del Nino is the epitome of the dualism that characterizes the entire lake landscape, always suspended between nature and urbanization, past and present, ancient and modern. A complex system of opposites that complement each other. A dual soul: as rurality and nobility.

Rural as in the rural imprinting of the Lario, of the bucolic, wild, forested landscape.

Noble as the memory of the ancient mansions, elegant and seductive, which reveal themselves imposingly from the lake or from the opposite shore. And in the case of Crotto del Nino, the opposite shore is that of Cernobbio, that of the prestigious Hotel Villa D’Este.

There are innumerable examples of lake architecture in which the two souls-rural and noble-harmoniously intersect.

One example, full of symbols and history, is the Crotto del Nino.

The name is related to the Rio Nino, which originates on the Larian slopes above Brunate and flows into the Lake.

It was a place of refreshment and gathering in the postwar period, a renowned inn reachable only from the lake.
When the tavern ceased operations due to withdrawal of the license, the owner made it the refuge to devote himself to his passions: fishing, farming and the meditative life.

Today, Crotto del Nino is a home of luxury, synonymous with privacy and modernity.
Already in its location we find a double truth. It is located halfway between Como and Blevio. It is on the lake, in a private location, but it is a nothing from the urban center. It is a place of silence-a contrast when we think of the noisy hubbub of patrons landing there from the Lake or the modern bustle of the Lake.

Crotto del Nino is set in a park, owned by the property, of about 10,000 square meters planted with local vegetation.

When the property was renovated, its original features were preserved. The central block was supplemented with a new construction, clad with split stone. Split stone is the most rustic and rough and is obtained precisely by a mechanical process of separating materials. It is an ancient process-now facilitated by the use of machinery, whereas in the past only a hammer and chisel were used-that, compared to other processes, has less impact on the environment.

Vista lago dalla terrazza

The property has been redesigned and developed to provide the comforts of modernity while retaining the style of lakeside architecture, typically unobtrusive to its surroundings. It offers the possibility of ideal lakefront living without sacrificing the vitality of downtown.

The mansion is equipped with ancillary facilities swimming pool, gymnasium, dock and has the privilege of a private cable car as a means of access from the road.

In addition to being an essential transportation facility, the gondola lift is also a plus for admiring the landscape and having an immersive view on the move, surely one of the most exciting and exclusive on the Lake.

The cable car acts as a separator of places, leading from the mundane to the private, from the public to the private. It leads away from prying eyes, like a conveyor in wonder, and is the only means to reach, from above, enchantment.