Grand Hotel Victoria Menaggio

The Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & Spa in Menaggio is the new declination of five-star luxury on Lake Como.

The sumptuous Grand Hotel Victoria was built in 1892, at the height of the Belle Époque, and immediately established itself as a favorite vacation destination for princesses, nobles, diplomats, politicians, and intellectuals from Germany, Russia, and England.

Thanks to recent renovation, the entire hotel complex has been expanded and converted into a Concept & Spa, striking a perfect balance between technology and aesthetics.
The timeless 100-year-old charm has been enriched with forms and materials that meet modern requirements.

While preserving, in fact, the structural elements of the original Art Nouveau style, the new project-signed by Studio Pè Architettura & Design-has succeeded with the care of every detail to create continuity between ancient and modern, to preserve that harmonious identity of the structure and to push towards a visionary style.

From the preservation of the ancient stuccoes and fireplaces, to the introduction of modern material and chromatic elements, from the choice of glazing material, to the choice of tailoring solutions, the turn in an innovative and functional key was entirely oriented to the well-being and acoustic and thermal comfort of the structure’s guests.

The transition between ancient and modern, and not only in a metaphorical sense, is defined by a spectacular transparent walkway connecting the two central units.

The Grand Hotel Victoria Concept & Spa in Menaggio offers a prestigious Spa with swimming pool, where relaxation and luxury come together in a multi-sensory environment, has rooms with panoramic windows, and boasts exclusive dining.

There are two cornerstones of the culinary proposal: the Ristorante Lago – elegant, bright – offers traditional flavors of Italian cuisine in a majestic veranda with a view, and the Ristorante 1827 that returns a different scenic experience and an innovative proposal.

In addition to the exclusive services offered on the official website: Villa Como guests can request the rental of one of the motorboats in our luxury fleet, for exclusive private cruises.

Marco Montagnani, Hotel Director, is a manager with extensive curricular experience in the high-end hôtellerie industry.

We met with him and asked him for a market forecast: What are the tourism trends and what will the upcoming holiday season look like?

“A season full and pawing for a definitive return to normalcy. The great resurgence of overseas clientele, a point of reference for the entire lake, puts us back on top of the preferred destinations in Italy. There is no shortage of customers from the UK, Germany and even neighboring Switzerland. Especially this year we aim for well being tourism thanks to our Erre Spa. What is most pleasing is the average stay, which has increased from 1 or 2 nights to 4 nights.”