The Lecco Branch of Como Lake

The Lecco Branch of Como Lake

The Lecco branch of the lake is more spartan, but has beauties to be discovered

Abbadia Lariana-Mandello del Lario-Lierna

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It starts from Abbadia Lariana, famous for Moto Guzzi and a beach that is stormed in the summer. Next to it is Mandello del Lario, a picturesque town that is often overlooked, with a pretty port surrounded by colorful streets; in May with roses in bloom it’s beautiful! Then you can go up on foot along the ancient Via del Viandante that runs alongside charming churches or take the car and get to Lierna, where a stony beach (Riva Bianca) stretches out next to the medieval core called Castello; many liberty villas dot the town. The last town before Varenna is Fiumelatte, a hamlet with the second shortest river in Italy.

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