Lake Orta

Here is tranquility

Lake Orta, also known as the "Cusio", is a treasure hidden among the Italian Alps, located in the Piedmont region. This lake with more small dimensions compared to the nearby largest and Como lakes, is a place of extraordinary beauty and serenity. The magical atmosphere of Orta San Giulio, the picturesque town on its banks, enchants visitors with its cobbled streets and houses overlooking the lake. Lake Orta is famous for the island of San Giulio, an island that houses an ancient Benedictine monastery and offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the city. This place is an oasis of peace and reflection. The surrounding hills are dotted with gardens and historic villas, creating a perfect scenario for excursions and panoramic walks. Lake Orta is an ideal destination for those looking for the tranquility and romantic atmosphere of the Italian Alps.

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