The botanical garden of Villa Carlotta on Lake Como!

6 April 2022

On the western shore of Lake Como at Villa Carlotta in Tremezzo, the period of the most beautiful flowering in Europe, which lasts only a few weeks a year, has arrived. The period residence, a botanical heritage with its striking rhododendrons and alzaleas rich in history and beauty, is visited every year by about 180 thousand visitors.

A historic residence of 1600 enriched by botanical architectures that date back to different eras and priceless masretpeaces, including the painting by Hayez, The Last Kiss of Romeo and Juliet and the sculpture Amour and Psyche by Canova, kept in Villa Carlotta. The Villa takes its name from Princess Carlotta who received it as a gift from her mother on her wedding day. A place where you can admire a unique botanical and cultural artistic heritage on Lake Como with breathtaking views.

Several botanical paths enchant the villa with 150 varieties of flowers originating in southern China, which in nature are found only in the Himalayan mountains, and alternate in the park giving rise to a striking spectacle. You can admire many species of plants and flowers: from camellias, azaleas to exotic plants, aromatic, which coexist in a harmonious way.

A perfect visit to spend a spring afternoon or a relaxing half day just an hour’s drive from Milan. Villa Carlotta can be visited all year round and our advice is to visit it in April and, for the hydrangea period, in August.

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