Maggiore Lake

Balance of nature, history and art.

Lake Maggiore, nestled between the Alps and the sweet hills of Piedmont, is one of the hidden treasures of northern Italy. Shared between Italy and Switzerland, this lake fascinates with its extraordinary natural beauty. Its blue waters, the picturesque islands and lush gardens make it a perfect destination for lovers of nature, art and tranquility. The beautiful island, the mother island and the island of fishermen are some of the gems of the lake, each with its unique history and breathtaking gardens. The cities along its banks, such as Stresa and Pallanza, offer historical elegance and relaxed atmosphere. Lake Maggiore is also an ideal place to explore art and culture, with museums, churches and castles that dot the region. In short, Lake Maggiore embodies the magic of the Italian Alps and promises an unforgettable experience.

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